Celebrations and Awards – Healthy Snacks

Lincoln will follow the Corvallis School District policy on Celebrations and Rewards. All foods offered on the school campus should meet or exceed the nutrition standards set by the USDA and the Oregon Smart Snacks Standards. This includes, but is not limited to, celebrations, parties, classroom snacks brought by parents, rewards, and incentives. Examples of foods that do not meet these guidelines are cupcakes, cookies, cake, fruit roll-ups, and candy. Examples of foods that do meet these guidelines are all fruits, all vegetables, low-fat cheese sticks, 100% fruit juice, trail mix, and whole-grain granola bars. Food for snacks and birthdays are still allowed but must be a healthy option. Please see the Food Hero School Snacks Ideas for more ideas.

If your child chooses to not have food for their birthday celebrations, our teachers have many other options to celebrate them. They could get; extra time at recess, get to read a book to the class, more arts and crafts, the table gets decorated, play a board game, etc. At Lincoln, teachers and staff have chosen not to use food as a reward.

We are excited to work together to create a better culture of health at Lincoln! Studies show that healthier students learn more, test better, and have better behavior. For questions or concerns, please contact the Lincoln front office at 541-757-5955.

Thank you for your support!

Please see the links below for more ideas